Rewriting the future of the forgotten paws

a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals are essential to the health and well-being of both

Strengthen the human-animal bond

No animal should endure the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment and neglect. Tails of The Forgotten Paws Au team work to support and preserve the precious life on this planet and strive to create a humane living environment for all animals.

We give kittens/puppies, adults, senior cats/dogs from the various backgrounds a second chance at life. We rescue them, give them the care they need, find them loving homes, and spread the word about how WONDERFUL rescue animals are! 




Our team has the absolute fortitude to fight for our community, bringing the best of what we have to offer together.

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We’re always looking for the community’s support to help push our mission further than we could ever imagine. Does that sound like you? Volunteer today and be a part of change.

The commoditising, abuse, mistreatment and neglect of companion animals has to stop. We have to speak up for these animals and fight for their welfare.

– Raphaela L

Can we count on you?

Join our team of like-minded everyday people who simply want a better world to live in. Where every voice is heard, every hand is held, and every soul is equal. You’re invited to join our cause.

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